Recent Figure Paintings

After paintings landscapes for many years, the figure forced its way back into my work in about 2010. Now I combine my landscape painting with my earlier figure painting in an attempt to synthesize my two main working methods.

Landscape Paintings: 1985-2008    

All the elements in my landscape paintings have been taken directly from sketches of specific local sites, but they are combined and altered in my studio to construct a creative synthesis.

Experimental Paintings: 1989-1992    

My experimental landscapes were part of a series that attempted to develop a method that put the drawings of juxtaposed landscapes into paint.

Landscape Drawings: 1985-1991    

By 1985 the "transcendental" qualities of my figures became too divorced from the reality of contemporary society. This led to a crisis that was finally resolved with these large, horizontal landscape drawings They were all done from life.

Drawings: 1970-1985    

These drawings in pastel, oil pastel and Caran D.Ache led me to enrich the surfaces of my paintings.

Early Figure Paintings: 1970-1985    

The conceptual drawings led to painting. It was a pleasure and a relief to use color again. After teaching in Florence, Italy and traveling in Europe in 1973, I decided to try to paint ambitious ideas, even if they were "out of style." My subject matter became figures expressing basic, timeless emotions in a contemporary landscape. My technique was somewhere between Masso di Banco and R. Margritte. I left the pursuit of avant-garde art behind and tried to connect to a longer, broader and deeper tradition.

Conceptual Drawings: Early Work 1970    

After experimenting with Earth Works, Minimalist Sculpture and Performance Art, I decided to use drawing to express certain conceptual concepts.

Computer Drawings: Early Work 1969-1970    

Using a Calcomp Plotter 573 with a computer and punch cards, I attempted to remove any remaining vestiges of my formalist training as an Abstract Expressionist.

Sears Series: Early Work 1966-1967    

As a recent MFA grad, I was still trying to understand contemporary art and to find my own way of painting. Grasping Pop Art was my first attempt at connecting to the current art scene. I used Sears and Roebuck catalogs as subject matter and as a symbol of American consumer society.